Our Company

Who We Are – Core Values:

TruCare Solutions is an industry leader in providing innovative rehabilitation services. Our mission is to “To provide the highest level of care with focus on Healing the Body, Restoring confidence in the Mind, and Mending the Spirit of each Patient we serve.”

Our Philosophy:

  • Patients benefit by receiving the highest quality of care from the top professionals in the industry.
  • Families and friends benefit from seeing their loved ones regain independence.
  • Physicians and institutions benefit by knowing that their patients are receiving the best possible care in the industry.
  • The Staff enjoys the benefit of receiving the satisfaction they experience by helping their patients progress.

Our History

TruCare Solutions was founded in 2007 to fill a need for quality rehabilitative care for facilities and home health agencies. During that time TruCare Solutions and its partners have been seeking innovative therapies and treatment programs. We have been successful in building a team of talented professionals who focus on our mission statement of treating the patient’s body, mind, and spirit with the latest proven therapies and equipment in order to achieve the best outcomes. TruCare Solutions has achieved great success in developing proprietary programs to achieve excellent outcomes – helping patients to restore or improve their quality of life. The company has adopted a continuous improvement methodology over the last couple of years. Our latest additions to that program are an on-line patient satisfaction survey and a patient improvement monitoring and feedback system. This is all part of TruCare Solutions goal of striving to provide the best care and outcomes for our patients. We currently partner with over 20 facilities and home health agencies in Texas and Arkansas. A new program that will be expanding during the next few months includes an innovative back program.

Our Skills

  • Dedicated, Caring Therapists and Staff
  • Advanced Physical Therapy Modalities
  • Constant Striving for the Latest in Practical Patient Treatment Innovations
  • Professional Attitudes and Actions
  • On-going Professional Development and Skills Improvement

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