Company Profile

Our Mission Statement:

To provide the highest level of care with focus on Healing the Body, Restoring confidence in the Mind, and Mending the Spirit of each Patient we serve.

Patients benefit by receiving the highest quality of care from the top professionals in the industry
Families and friends benefit from seeing their loved ones regain independence
Physicians and Institutions benefit by knowing that their patients are receiving the best possible care in the industry
The Staff enjoys the benefit of receiving the satisfaction they experience by helping their patients progress

Our Services:

Rehabilitation Services- Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology
Advanced Modalities such as: ABWSS and the PBV system
Research and Development of Advanced Protocols and Risk Predictors
Clinical Educational Seminars and Training programs
Performance Enhancement and Outcome Tracking
Home Health Rehabilitation Services
Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Our Value Added Services:

Pre-admission screenings and assessments
Marketing support services
Caregiver training and discharge planning
Facility committee participation at administrator’s discretion
Quality audits and chart reviews
Restorative assessments and programming
Strategic plan development
Budget analysis and planning
Facility special events including health fairs, holiday events, etc

Part B Specialty Programs:

Cognitive and Speech Programs
Dysphasia Therapy
Rehab Dining Programs
Falls Management
Contracture Reduction and Splinting
Restraint Reduction
Range of Motion Programs
ADL Management

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