TruCare provides partners advantages in the marketplace by offering a wide array of services and reporting. The increased revenue and cost structure guarantee a “no-risk” financial model for our partners. TruCare’s innovation and proprietary therapies provide a competitive advantage for our partners achieving better outcomes and with effective marketing and word of mouth can improve your census. Some of our services include:

  • Rehabilitation Services- Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology
  • Advanced Modalities ABWSS, PBV system
  • Research and Development of Advanced Protocols and Risk Predictors
  • Clinical Educational Seminars and Training programs
  • Performance Enhancement and Outcome Tracking
  • Home Health Rehabilitation Services
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

In addition we provide the following value added services:

  • Pre-admission screenings and assessments
  • Marketing support services
  • Caregiver training and discharge planning
  • Facility committee participation at administrator’s discretion
  • Quality audits and chart reviews
  • Restorative assessments and programming
  • Strategic plan development
  • Budget analysis and planning
  • Facility special events including health fairs, holiday events etc.

We also offer the following Medicare Part B Programs:

  • Cognitive and Speech Programs
  • Dysphasia Therapy
  • Rehab Dining Programs
  • Falls Management
  • Contracture Reduction and Splinting
  • Restraint Reduction
  • Range of Motion Programs
  • ADL Management

All of our services are offered in a collaborative “team approach”:

  • An integrated Rehab Team consisting of staff therapists & assistants and a Rehab Director assigned to the facility to meet the patient and family needs;
  • Experienced Physical, Occupational and Speech/Language Therapy personnel who balance care outcomes and cost through the use of TruCare protocols;
  • An experienced Rehab Director responsible for: coordination, communication and planning between the rehab department staff, nursing, and all other key facility staff; case management of all rehab patients; over site of rehab clinical services and rehab specialty programs; restorative care planning and coordination;
  • An Area Supervisor or Regional Manager who will meet monthly with the Facility Administrator and key staff to review rehab program performance, statistics, billing & management information, and to set monthly goals;
  • The TruCare Clinical Resource Team, comprised of highly accomplished and specialized clinicians, who continually refine and develop “BEST OF PRACTICE” models, systems, and processes.

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