TruCare Solutions, Inc. Advancing Rehabilitative Therapies (ART)

Our Advanced Treatment Protocols are Evidence Based and have Measured Outcomes!

All of our company practices from Treatment Protocols to Service Delivery and Business Practices are subject to constant Internal Integrity Review as part of TruCare Solutions’ Continuous Improvement Process.

We offer the skills of over 300 Therapists and Staff providing:

  • Rehabilitation Services- Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology
  • Geriatric and Manual Therapy
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Advanced Therapy Modalities such as: ABWSS and the PBV system
  • Research and Development of Advanced Protocols and Risk Predictors
  • Clinical Educational Seminars and Training programs
  • Performance Enhancement and Outcome Tracking
  • Home Health Rehabilitation Services
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Value added services:

Pre-admission screenings and assessments
Marketing support services
Caregiver training and discharge planning
Facility committee participation at administrator’s discretion
Quality audits and chart reviews
Restorative assessments and programming
Strategic plan development
Budget analysis and planning

Medicare Part B

Cognitive and Speech Programs
Dysphasia Therapy
Rehab Dining Programs
Falls Management
Contracture Reduction and Splinting
Restraint Reduction
Range of Motion Programs
ADL Management

Innovative Therapy Programs

  • TruCare provides Optima Healthcare Solutions SAAS platform to deliver financial and clinical outcomes to therapy providers and their patients for multiple settings including contract , in-house, and out-patient therapy.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system
  • Software driven documentation – better compliance
  • Regulatory updates
  • PPS efficiencies built into the system to maximize reimbursement
  • Billing Data Export – can link to most major billing systems
  • Financial Performance Report (Revenue/Expense/Margin)
  • Statistical Report (RUG case mix by days & percentage distribution/ Rehab Caseload & Statistics by payer class)
  • Denial Management Report (Claims/Value/Status/Determination)
  • Clinical Outcomes Reporting (FIM based scoring tool, Rehab Length of Stay by diagnosis/Rehab Discharge Disposition by Diagnosis and Location)
  • Patient Satisfaction

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